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What happened in London: Men's fashion. London Collections review.

London, Burberry and my boyfriend inspired me to write this small article. I am very chatty if we talk about cosmetics, Latvian brands and dresses, but when it comes to men fashion... it is getting tricky. Spring 2014 was... gorgeous, so I will pull myself together to make a picture for you, my dear readers.

What I was waiting for? Well, all the different polarities of fashion - from street style back to classics. And, it is London - I dare to say it is capital with best taste in men fashion. As long as is it S/S 2014, I was ready to see colors, new solutions in sunglasses and shoes, and of course - new bags. Since this years February, I guess, I have realized how hard it is for a boy to find his perfect bag, and I swear, I will never ever go to a shop together with boy, if he needs bag.

I was really looking forward to see some traditional clothing, because after Spring fashion week I felt that designers are trying so much, to find new solutions, that they forget about old, traditional things what we all loved and wanted to see again and again. Sometimes artist needs to put aside his personal ambitions to make other people happy.

Those last three days were really surprising. Looking on collections made by emerging talents and world-famous brands, I fell in love with UK again.

Three days with beautiful, breath-taking fashion. Here goes my favorites.


London collections was opened by Lou Dalton, who gave us something between sports costume and suite. I really did not enjoy creasy coats and shorts, colors were quite boring and patterens came from my grandmas wardrobe. T-shirts reminded me about second-class Russian criminal film. This was not your day, Lou Dalton. This opening was the worst surprise of the day.

But let's talk about things, what I actually enjoyed. It is always known, that in spring collection for women, there will be flowers and birds. Well, Topman gave this cliche for their fans. White, thick silk and flowers - that's the new shirt for next season. I am not really happy about gangsta element in this collection, but it seems like after "The Great Batsby" rap and Bruklin will rock podiums at least for two seasons.

All my love for suits in day one goes for Hardy Amies and Gieves & Hawkes. Hardy Amies is made for young men, who needs to feel comfortable and look stylish, but fresh at the same time. Leave full suit for your dad, and take awesome jackets and trousers from this brand. What was my favorite part from Amies? Colors and bags. They are not afraid from bright colors like orange, but at the same time they remember about their client needs and gives you classic, cold colors, starting from white and gray. Bags are simple and showy at the same time. And I'm really jealous about the fact, how huge they actually are.

Gieves & Hawkes is a different story. If you watch Mad Men, then those suits resemble ones seen in G&H show. Dense wool fabrics in different colors and with different patterns are suitable for every day office life and for fancy dinner. Some look are borrowed from waiters, some from 40-ties dandy. Sunglasses gives impression of bad-boy, black-sheep of the fasmily, but dinner-jackets and top-hats brings us back to 19th century, when dance was the most passionate thing what unmarried couple could have done.

And the last but not the least show what I enjoyed in first day was Richard Nicoll, perfect for every day life. This year printings on sweaters were spellbinding. Long jumpers and jackets remind the smae old Bruklin stuff, but Richard Nicoll makes Bruklin to look smart. Show gave us colors - especially blues, which is number one trend in men fashion this year and it will keep it's positions next year (as far as we have seen). Surprising was to see knitting in show, but I momently fell in love with this very special sweater. One thing what I did not enjoy was the snake pattern on some jackets and trousers. These pieces made me think that collection is a little bit.... messy. But we love messy hairs, don't we? Let's learn to love messy collections, because sometimes (and this is the case) messy things is pure piece of art.


I was waiting for it, I wanted to see it, I knew it will be perfect...Yes, it is here - Alexander McQueen, fashion brand superstar since 1992. Show was energetics, powerful, shocking. It was game between balck and white, between power and weakness. Collection  was... I don't have any other word to use than "sexy". Being superstar means, that you must shock your public over and over again, and wearing a meat dress in London just wouldn't work. McQueen showed, that it is perfectly fine for men to wear lace, and yes, I believe him. Main colors for trench coats, of course, are white and beige. Long, lousey shorts is not a surprise, i would like to say that this time McQueen is about fabrics and patterns more than about cut. And, yes, we meet flowers again - red poppy on white, skin tight suit. Some of the looks are inspired by sailors, some (I dare to say) by prisoners. I just loved the beautiful tailoring and intricate print details, and cobweb-like knitwear have this collection refreshing effect.

 I know, it is not polite to talk so much about one designer, so I will show you my second favorite from day 2. And it goes for.. rag & bone. Show with mirrors created some kind of a rhythm and feeling of finished work. Collection inspired by Samurai and military clothing shows strong, self-confident personality. And still, we saw floral prints next to industrial jackets and knitwear. Hats looked like borrowed from films about Amazon and lost treasures. I loved stripes and classic look bottons,  but i must say - some of the prints on the shorts reminded me about bad 3-class graphics which used to be printed on  my grade second bag. rag & bone did not try to make serious-looking suits or something likely - they are more about having fun, sporting or trying to find a new land in jungles or being a real city animal. It is a wild, wild world, babe.


In the last day I felt perfectly nervous. Magic timing - 14.00 after London time. Christoper Bailey returned to London with garden party and color splash. Yes, Burberry was my favorite show all in all. Held in Kensington gardens, attended by my favorite actors and vlogers (jack and finn), show was electrifying and inspiring. Thanks to this I decied to make a review faster than I thought to do it.Colors were bright, we saw mint, plum, red, green. Thick fabrics and leather duffel bags was the main thing in this. I really did not liked them in the first moment, but now I would buy one for myself, even they are made for men's wear. Burrberry was still very ellegant and chic, but at the same time it was very playful. My favorite item was rectangular sunglasses with different patterns.

From me, this is it. You have seen my favorites from those three wonderful days, now tell me about yours!

Christopher Bailey returned to London

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