Thursday, 13 June 2013

Latvian Brands: 3 wind knots

Before a week I spent some time reading L'Officiel Latvian Edition. You know, those small articles about fashion news in the begging. And I found out about new collection made by Latvian designer Sigita Trukšāne ( yes, the establisher of brand "3 wind knots").

 It is inspired by Brazilian Bahia ribbons. If you have ever visited the Church Senhor do Bonfim, you have seen colorful ribbons dangling everywhere. The writing on the ribbon says ”Lembrança do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia”, or in remembrance of the savior of Bahia, or Souvenir from the God of Bahia. Nowadays, the Bahia Bands  are worn as a fashion accessory as well as a good luck charm The wish ribbon is tied around the wrist with 3 knots.  A wish is made for each of the 3 knots tied. Once the Brazilian Wish Bracelet falls off the wrist on its own, it is believed the 3 wishes will come true.

In collection "3 knots 3 whishes" you can find 15 different color satin ribbons, and speaking about lucky coins - you can order a braclet with one or three lucky coins. Ribbon colors have a different meaning. (My color would be light blue or black. Why - well, to know that, you must check meaning in 3 wind knots home page ). This, in my opinion, is the most colorful collection in this brands history and it really opens borders. Literally. Before this collection, 3 wind knots inspired from Latvian traditions, now they went to Brazil (actually, this tradition comes from old African religion). Which place will be next? My hopes - something from the north of Russia.

In my point of view, this is no a thing, what you would by for yourself. This is thing, what needs to be given as present for important people in your life. For mother, father, friends, for your loved one.

But, speaking about brand... They make breath-taking jewelery and handbags.  Why I love them - they have made amber to look elegant. Before 3 wind knots amber was for cheap paintings with kitty, now amber - it is classy, warm, stark and you can wear it without any fear, that you will resemble your grandma.

If I should use three words, to explain, how does collection of 3 wind knots look, i would say - simple, but elegant. And actually, I could end this post here, but I, as you might have realized, have  this writing-quite-a-lot thing.

My love goes for collection "One" ,which shows us different Latvian signs - sun, thunder, life, god, cross. I am not a fan of necklaces, so my favorite item comes from bracelets. It comes from sub-collection (can i make therm like that?) "Signs". Bracelet is black with three silver signs on it. My choice is  thunder-god-thunder bracelet.

Yes, that is the main thing, what I love about this brand - it is one of the most traditional latvian brands, in their jewelry you can see signs, which comes from our old religion, before Christians came in Latvia.  They take something old and valuable, make it modern and suddenly you realise that there is one person more, who knows at least something about our ancestry.

And... there is first collection of hand bags - Flight ST0105. Well, these bags ar not for me. I like the shape and all the small details, but those cats... nop. Waiting for new collection and hoping to see different fabrics. I think, brand has lost its owns ellegance in those bags. I'm not saying, that I don't like them. I'm saying, that I will not buy myself one if there will be cats on it.

Despite of those handbags, I still think that 3 wind knots is amazing brand, which shows - Latvians can. So, together with ZIB* and One Wolf, I hope to live together with this brand for long years.

Do I really need to mark it?
brand work till this collection - 10 out of 10
for this - 8/10

photo: 3 wind knots new collection advertisement 

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