About me

Hello, hello.
As long as I am not a personal style blogger, this might be the only place, where you can see my face. Yes, that girl with black eye liner, dark hairs and huge hat - it is me.

My name is Sigita, and I started this blog in 9/03/2013, but I made a huge mistake in very beginning - I stopped posting for two months, so the real birthday of this project might be 4/06/2013. This is not a sponsored blog.

I am 18 years old student from Latvia. I love to spend time with my friends, snowboard, I love fashion  and art, music from 40's and movies with Audery Hepburn. I don't do fashion, i love to follow trends but my final choice will always depend on my style.

I find it important to spread a word about latvian fashion around the world, to show, that Latvia can actully do something, and I think that main mission of a blogger is to give unpopular critics about popular brands. So that's what i am trying to do.

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