Saturday, 15 March 2014

All about zippers: Balenciaga F14

Third runaway for Balenciaga since Alexander Wang is in its front rows, and what do we see? He is becoming more confident - that's for sure. Moreover - his collection becomes a reflection of his early career. Wang began his own business with a line of knits while he was a student, and now, voila!, we are back there.

This collection mostly could be put under some keywords - all-American sportswear, knits, and zippers. And yes - volume. This season A. Wang gives us new definition of old, familiar pieces. For instance, wrap dress, knitted from thin strips of Japanese polyester jersey, jumpers featuring polyester with fur ribs. Also, new idea of sweater, giving it a new dense neckline. Some long dresses we have already seen in last years - they remind rough fishing nets with horizontal stripes.

Talking about main elements in collection - zippers it is. Zippers for coats, jumpers, trousers. Zippers for everything. If it is not knitted, it is zipped. Zippers was spomething incredibly fashionalbe in 90's and now they are coming back. Last seasons leather jacket was considered to be stylish if it featured any zippers, and it seems that Alexander Wang is taking zipper on a new level.

Talking about history of zippers - they are popular only thanks to high-fashion. First one, who made something similar to modern zipper, was Elias Howe (we do remember him as the sewing machine pioneer) in 1852, however, he didn't introduce his invention in markets. After 40 years in the USA long boots become popular, and you can imagine - you are running late, but you need to close 20 buttons. So there zippers showed up. However, it took First World War so designers would introduce zippers to their collections. And so zippers conquered the world. 

But back to modern days and Balenciaga. Main colors in this show were plum, gray, blue and black. For some brighter splash Wang used yellow, to make our autumn at least a bit colorful. But this collection is not to be considered as playful - cutting and outline makes you wander about dark afternoons, rain clouds and autumn winds. Asymmetric forms and androgen lines state that it is time to wear uniform again. Question- who is the enemy - stays opened. Compared to other designers, Wang does not use fashion week to attack someone. he is not against modern lifestyle, his collection is our modern lifestyle.

Talking about trends in models - I have a feeling that this autumn will be the "nervous, tired women" autumn, at least some designers give us models with tired look, lack of make up and extremely easily made hairstyle.

About the accessories - Wang is up for three things. First, women are to continue shopping or at least act, that every day is spent in magazine, so he has introduced bags which, despite of the fact, that they are made from leather,  remind of shopping bags. Second - huge leather gloves will be must-have. Blue and black, half-arm long with snake pattern. Third - fur is not only for your coat, your bag must be made from it. You are free to choose - use only one, two or all three of these trends - Wang gives you different patterns.

And finally: here comes my top 4 Balenciaga looks:

Friday, 12 July 2013

Let's Go Out for a Picnic!

Oh, I think you have been in this situation - you are in perfect, romantic place, you spend wonderful time... but. Here comes the problems. And the main problem is not mosquitoes or other insects, it is your clothing. This one time I had dress which was a little too big for me, and i needed to fix it second after second, so I thought more about my clothing than beautiful time spent there.

Now I am smart, or, at least, I would like to think like that, so before picnic, i think about food, drinks, but, most of all - clothing. IF you spend a lot of time thinking about the problem before the event, you won't loose any of your time when event will be here.

So, here will be my tips and tricks for picnic outfits.This time I won't give you the look, I will give you my 4 or 6 favorite pieces for bottoms, ups and accessories, and in some cases, those pieces should not be mixed, I have warned you. 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Here We Go Again: Bikes and Fashion

It took me some time to get back in form after Latvian national celebration called Jāņi (Jon's day). We celebrate the longest day of the week saying "thank you" to the sun and fire, we sing and we dance, we drink beer and eat cheese. For me, these celebrations did not last for one day, but for four, so, you can imagine...

I feel so guilty about not posting for this long, and I hope, you are still out there, waiting for something new to come up. This article was inspired by lovely ladies from IFB comunity and it tells story about what to wear when you choose to take your bike for a ride.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What happened in London: Men's fashion. London Collections review.

London, Burberry and my boyfriend inspired me to write this small article. I am very chatty if we talk about cosmetics, Latvian brands and dresses, but when it comes to men fashion... it is getting tricky. Spring 2014 was... gorgeous, so I will pull myself together to make a picture for you, my dear readers.

What I was waiting for? Well, all the different polarities of fashion - from street style back to classics. And, it is London - I dare to say it is capital with best taste in men fashion. As long as is it S/S 2014, I was ready to see colors, new solutions in sunglasses and shoes, and of course - new bags. Since this years February, I guess, I have realized how hard it is for a boy to find his perfect bag, and I swear, I will never ever go to a shop together with boy, if he needs bag.

I was really looking forward to see some traditional clothing, because after Spring fashion week I felt that designers are trying so much, to find new solutions, that they forget about old, traditional things what we all loved and wanted to see again and again. Sometimes artist needs to put aside his personal ambitions to make other people happy.

Those last three days were really surprising. Looking on collections made by emerging talents and world-famous brands, I fell in love with UK again.

Three days with beautiful, breath-taking fashion. Here goes my favorites.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

It is sunny outside...

I have had a beautiful afternoon spending my time on the beach. As long as I needed to use this time for working with my research paper, this "laying down and doing nothing" was even more enjoyable. Till the very moment when I came home and took a closer look to my legs and arms. First things first - they were incredibly dry and skin looked horrible. And of course, I could see that five minutes more and my shoulders would have been as red as my ZIB* dress.

So, for the first time in my short blogger history, I'm gonna share my views in cosmetics. And again, some short facts about me and cosmetics...

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Latvian Brands: 3 wind knots

Before a week I spent some time reading L'Officiel Latvian Edition. You know, those small articles about fashion news in the begging. And I found out about new collection made by Latvian designer Sigita Trukšāne ( yes, the establisher of brand "3 wind knots").

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

back in Lanvin [resort 2014]

It is no secret, that I really love everything what Lanvin does and it is no secret, that they might be my favorite brand. If we check the short time history of my blog, you can see, that last time, in fashion week I decided to leave Lanvin alone. They were nice, but I felt, that I miss something. This time Alber Elbaz makes my life perfect again and about Lanvin resort he said: “It’s not just about design. It’s about lifestyle, and fitting the needs around the day,”

This collection is a melting pot - in a good way, though. The women, who would wear these clothes might be romantic girl from little town or strong buissnes lady, who spend here day running around, and the only solution for the crisis situation (gym-office-lunch-office-fancy dinner) is Lanvin.

I will carry on with my favorite items of resort 2014.