Tuesday, 11 June 2013

back in Lanvin [resort 2014]

It is no secret, that I really love everything what Lanvin does and it is no secret, that they might be my favorite brand. If we check the short time history of my blog, you can see, that last time, in fashion week I decided to leave Lanvin alone. They were nice, but I felt, that I miss something. This time Alber Elbaz makes my life perfect again and about Lanvin resort he said: “It’s not just about design. It’s about lifestyle, and fitting the needs around the day,”

This collection is a melting pot - in a good way, though. The women, who would wear these clothes might be romantic girl from little town or strong buissnes lady, who spend here day running around, and the only solution for the crisis situation (gym-office-lunch-office-fancy dinner) is Lanvin.

I will carry on with my favorite items of resort 2014.

Collection seems to be inspired by Indian maharajahs, Egyptian queens and gangsta rappers. Why the last ones? Chunky jewelry seems to be taken out from Bruklins streets or 50 cent music video. Check out necklace with seven on it - this piece reminds me my trip to Berlin, where I spent some time walking around and I got lost, found myself in... interesting place, where new basketball teams and gangs where formed, and huge boys with lousy jeans used to wear necklaces with large number on them. Lanvin changed my views about numbers in jewelry. No more Berlin baby, it is high fashion and elegance now.  

Colors. Lanvin has done them all - they start with "The huge 3" - red, white and black, and then carry on with beige, pink, yellow, green. Colors are refreshing, bright and makes me think about Hollywood dream and movie "The Artist". This resort opens up new red for next year - red as blood is. First associations? Love, passion, long nights spent in bed. Roses. And then we go back to the first word. This red makes me think about all the fancy dinners, which I will visit and where I will be bored, and then there is this one person, who feels the same way, and in the first place you exchange looks, you start to speak about weather, but actually you just try to find a way how to sit right next to each other, and then you go out for a cigarette, and he does the same... well, you get the clue. This red, in the way how Alber Elbaz has used it, tells about secrets, which makes your heart to beat faster.

Duality. Men and women, white and black(my blog is about duality, yes) , day and night. Every kind of polarity you can think up, it is in Lanvin. Glamour and city street style. Elegance and rapper jewelry. They have even made a dress in two different colors. It seems like there are so many things, what Alber wants to tell us about next year, that he decided to mix it all together. Some people might say, that it is too much. I say, it is perfect, and Lanvin has made a brave choice making this collection this way.

Intensive blue, gold and shiny things - here goes Babylon. For stronger resemblance i just miss  lions or dragons, but let's not ask too much. This dress makes me remember stories about strong Asian women, who were a lot different than European women. If snow white would live in Asia, there wouldn't be a single person, who would come to kiss her. Asian womens can fight for themselves, they can live, they can exist without a men. They come from legends and stories, and wearing those kind of clothes you can become more self confident. 

I will carry on without comments. All, what I wanted to say, has been said. This is collection for morning and evenings, for dates and office and opera.  Keeping enjoying my favorite peaces and don't forget to leave your comment about this collection!

photos: style.com


  1. the last dress is my favorite, such a stunning piece!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I am in love with Lanvin! It's funny because I love the men's suit collection. Thanks for the post, these are absolutely gorgeous...Of course

    1. In new Summer 2014 men's collection Lanvin actually dares to make fashion, not only casual stuff as Burberry, for example. I like their men's collections too.