Tuesday, 18 June 2013

It is sunny outside...

I have had a beautiful afternoon spending my time on the beach. As long as I needed to use this time for working with my research paper, this "laying down and doing nothing" was even more enjoyable. Till the very moment when I came home and took a closer look to my legs and arms. First things first - they were incredibly dry and skin looked horrible. And of course, I could see that five minutes more and my shoulders would have been as red as my ZIB* dress.

So, for the first time in my short blogger history, I'm gonna share my views in cosmetics. And again, some short facts about me and cosmetics...

  • I have more moisturizers and lotions that I will ever need in my life. I use about 2 from  I don't know... 30? 
  • I use cosmetics every day. Even if i spend day at home. You can never know, what will happen.
  • I am lazy. I love products, which works fast and without any effort from my side.
  • I usually don't have time to wait 5 minutes till my skin will be in the very condition to put on primer.
  • I hate really oily creams. I do not use them, no matter how good they are.
After these facts it is clear, that all the products, which I have picked are good, work fast, are easy to use, runs for a long time, look beautiful and actually work. So, lets start! Here will be five+ things without what you cannot live.

What is the main enemy for your skin? We all know - it is dry air. The comfortable level of moist starts from 30% (for example, in airplanes it is only 20%, so in summers you should remember about moisturizer in airplane). You can choose different ways to fight dryness of your skin. Before you look after your perfect moisturizer remember one simple thing - water! Drink a lot of water and forget about sleeping on the beach and drinking alcohol at the same time.

My top moisturizer is "Hydraskin rich" by Darphin Paris. Darphin says, that it is perfect for dry skin, but I would say, that it works perfect for normal/oily skin (if you have oily t-zone, it works perfect). I really love nice scent, which comes from natural ingredients like Salicornia Herbacea, Butterfly Lavender. About 80% of ingredients are natural, and, as long as my skin is quite allergic, this cream did not make it red or greasy. And after two months skin is smooth and does not feel tired anymore. As long as I live in the capital city with huge traffic, my skin felt tired. I got everything what I wanted from this product, and it is my summer thing number one. (5 stars out of 5)

After moisturizing your skin, you must remember about sun protection. If on your base cream is written "sun protect", remember about your body, even if you don't go outside to sunbath. My favorite item is "Piz Buin One Day Long Lotion SPF15". First, it last all day long. It is said it will last about 12 hours, but it goes about 7 hours for me. Second thing, it is waterproof, so no more  "coming out from the water, apply new sun protection cream, and than there are sands on your oily skin". Forget about it! Piz Buin is actually waterproof, I spent like about hour in sea, and it was still on, my skin felt comfortable. It is non greasy, lets your skin breath, and, if I don't forget to apply it, my skin never gets burn. (4 out of 5)

Ok, but there are days when you want not only to protect your skin, but when you want too actually look good. Here comes our best friend - BB cream. I have heard a lot of different thoughts about it - there are people who love it, and there are some people who hate it, and some who really don't care. For me - I love it. And my top-of-the-top solution is Dior Hydra Life BB cream, SPF30. It makes my skin look smooth, hides all imperfections, it moisturizes and it makes my face to look really natural. This BB cream balances between "shade" and "transparent", which is the perfection for summer. What is sad - this BB cream has only three shades, at the same time it is easy to choose and I have never seen that this BB cream wouldn't fit. (my shade is golden right now, but after some weeks i will buy a darker one. Shades blend perfect!) Dior has used a lot of natural ingredients (yes, I buy stuff only with natural ingredients) like jisten, centella, black rose. Jisten helps water to circulate in your skin, black rose protects form toxines, and it is important, if you, like me, live in large town. (5 from 5)

Next.. what to do after sunbathing or spending day outside? You go into the shower, then you check, how brown you have become, and you see that your skin is... yes, dry and maybe damaged. My answer for already two years is BABE Aloe Gel for badly treated and irritated skin. It moisturizes and softens your skin, the best part is - it is oil free. It might feel a little bit heavy, when you put it on, but it last about minute. Why I love it? My skin is refreshed, protected, and it doesn't matter, if your skin is oily or dry. This gel is almost pure aloe vera, and you don't need to worry about allergies. After  burning in sun, this gel helped me in three days, and I lived through my sunburn almost without pain. And, if your lips are burnt, this gel helps. Except, it is no good for kissing - the taste is not the best in the world. And one more thing - if you put it on your face (at first time it might feel way too heavy), it will stay mate about five hours in very hot, sunny weather even without powder.  (5 from 5 and my heart) 

After you have done everything for your skin, there is one thing left - your hair. My answer - Keune. So Pure Natural Balance Moisturizing Shampoo. It is written "for colored hair", but it is very helpful for dry, damaged hair. After several times of washing, it starts to make things look better. If you want your hair to be super soft and shiny, i recommend to use it together with Keune Moisturizing Overnight Repair. I'm not gonna talk about ingredients, all i can say, in this serum we have about 15 different oils. Why I love it? First things first - the scent of this product is really nice and stays for a longer time than other serums. After using serum hair is soft and non oily. I really did not enjoy using night serums till this one, because they left my hair oily and sticky. Keune showed me, that serums can be completely different.

So, these were  5* things which I love. Of course, for my every day life routine there comes lip balzams, body butter, masks etc, but these are then only products which I have used for long time and have found perfect, so yes, I recommend them.

This summer must be the great one! Love sun and remember to protect yourself from it.

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