Friday, 12 July 2013

Let's Go Out for a Picnic!

Oh, I think you have been in this situation - you are in perfect, romantic place, you spend wonderful time... but. Here comes the problems. And the main problem is not mosquitoes or other insects, it is your clothing. This one time I had dress which was a little too big for me, and i needed to fix it second after second, so I thought more about my clothing than beautiful time spent there.

Now I am smart, or, at least, I would like to think like that, so before picnic, i think about food, drinks, but, most of all - clothing. IF you spend a lot of time thinking about the problem before the event, you won't loose any of your time when event will be here.

So, here will be my tips and tricks for picnic outfits.This time I won't give you the look, I will give you my 4 or 6 favorite pieces for bottoms, ups and accessories, and in some cases, those pieces should not be mixed, I have warned you. 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Here We Go Again: Bikes and Fashion

It took me some time to get back in form after Latvian national celebration called Jāņi (Jon's day). We celebrate the longest day of the week saying "thank you" to the sun and fire, we sing and we dance, we drink beer and eat cheese. For me, these celebrations did not last for one day, but for four, so, you can imagine...

I feel so guilty about not posting for this long, and I hope, you are still out there, waiting for something new to come up. This article was inspired by lovely ladies from IFB comunity and it tells story about what to wear when you choose to take your bike for a ride.