Friday, 12 July 2013

Let's Go Out for a Picnic!

Oh, I think you have been in this situation - you are in perfect, romantic place, you spend wonderful time... but. Here comes the problems. And the main problem is not mosquitoes or other insects, it is your clothing. This one time I had dress which was a little too big for me, and i needed to fix it second after second, so I thought more about my clothing than beautiful time spent there.

Now I am smart, or, at least, I would like to think like that, so before picnic, i think about food, drinks, but, most of all - clothing. IF you spend a lot of time thinking about the problem before the event, you won't loose any of your time when event will be here.

So, here will be my tips and tricks for picnic outfits.This time I won't give you the look, I will give you my 4 or 6 favorite pieces for bottoms, ups and accessories, and in some cases, those pieces should not be mixed, I have warned you. 

1. Skirts.

We love skirts. They makes our silhouette look smooth and  they look beautiful in wind. Perfect skirts for picnics are maxi, belove knee or they end 1 cm before knee. And this is not the time for really tight skirts, choose something from silk or chiffon. It will be more comfortable to sit on the ground with skirt like that, because mini... well, they show to much, and we love to make men wonder, don't we? My favorites are RODARTE mint color long skirt, Molly Bracken pleated skirts in beige, CACHAREL pastel printed skirts and  LALA Berlin dark long skirt from chiffon with beautiful bird print.

4 skirts

2. Blouses and tops.

If it is warm day, there is nothing better than no sleeve blouse. But, if you want to make it more fancy, choose something with peplum (and peplum does make look us skinnier). Bright colors is the key not to get lost between flowers and sun and colorful children. I am a fan of crop tops, but I have always thought, that to not look cheap in crop top, it must be from good, expensive material. My choice goes to Damir Doma Taea Sleevless Top (I just love its raw edges and leather details), H&M chiffon sleeveless red blouse with small stand up collar, River Island dark purple lace peplum (you might think, that it will be hot in this peace, but believe me, no) and last, but not the least, Side drape tank top in camel.

4 tops

3. Shoes

Heels are good, but for picnics I love platforms or shoes without heels. You can find so much lovely oxford type shoes. Or, if you want to have something more fancy, choose something black with gold accent or something black and white (Chanel this year is good in both of those trends). Mint color sandals really rock thiss summer, and prints, prints, prints. This summer is about stripes and geometry (it really doesn't matter if you did not love it in school). So, my love goes for ASOS JITTERBUG Studded flat shoes, Moschino Leather sandals, Chanel Cap Toe Ballerina (vintage, I am sure you will find something similar in the next Chanel collection), Miu Miu pink Ballerinas, Giuseppe Zanotti Velvet Cap-Toe lace up Flat with golden accent, and Zara ethnic Slippers. 

6 shoes

So, here are three basics what you need. Speaking about accessories, soon I will publish my sun glasses story, bet all other... well, I love mint color in earrings or necklaces. Statement necklace might be excellent choice if your really want to keep all eyes on you, but then you should not put up any other stuff, remember that.

I hope this was useful and you will have a beautiful picnic. For me, it might be one of the first things to do after I will get better (I have been sick for last days. In summer. It is terrible, nobody should be sick in summer) will be a picnic with my girls.

Have a nice day,

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