Monday, 1 July 2013

Here We Go Again: Bikes and Fashion

It took me some time to get back in form after Latvian national celebration called Jāņi (Jon's day). We celebrate the longest day of the week saying "thank you" to the sun and fire, we sing and we dance, we drink beer and eat cheese. For me, these celebrations did not last for one day, but for four, so, you can imagine...

I feel so guilty about not posting for this long, and I hope, you are still out there, waiting for something new to come up. This article was inspired by lovely ladies from IFB comunity and it tells story about what to wear when you choose to take your bike for a ride.

I love to ride around with my old bike. I called it "Auseklītis", which means "Morning Star" in Latvian. It comes from 1920, my grandma used to own it, but now, after a lot of repairs, it looks like just from fabric. Biking around means meeting my friends and sometimes flirting with those cute boys... it means I must be dressed properly.  I am not a fan of trousers, so my choice is dress and high-heels. Yes, it might seem challenging, but, darling, it is worth it!

Your clothing must be all about colors! It is summer, and, if you want people to see you, it is not enough just to wear dress. Think about the way it will look, when you will go to shop or cinema, because, when I decide to take on circle around town with my bicycle, it almost always end up siting somewhere and drinking tea with my friends.

let's go biking!
So, this is my green dress outfit for biking around. This lovely dress comes from Dorothy Perkins, but a lot of people think, that it might have belonged to my grandma (she has amazing clothing, believe me!). I am sure that I saw this bird print in this years Mango and ASOS collections. This summer is not that much about flowers (this year we leave flowers for men), as it is about animals (animal jewelry, prints, bags). Birds might be my favorite type of this years prints.

I love to spend my money in shoes. And I love heels. Last weeks I am dying to find shoes without heels (not gonna explain reason), bet i still think that heels make you look ellegant and thrilling. These ones come from Ralph Lauren, and I just love how simple they look. They remind me about summers in Italy, ice-cream, hours in Venice, walking around with randomly met Italians. I love to keep it simple in shoes. Why? Because if your legs look fabulous, he won't remember your face.

Speaking about accessories - I still look after my perfect sunglasses and rings. It is incredibly easy to buy yourself a new necklace, but it is almost impossible not to get lost in sunglasses. Soon I will tell more about the way how I fought this problem (Actually, I am still searching for my perfect ones, lost my old ones in my boyfriend's best-friend's graduation. If I will win this fight, I will tell you more).

Let's not forget about cosmetics - my heart belongs to Inglot, NARS and Dior. Choose natural colors, best pallets for eyes will be "naked", and it is really easy to transform make-up from day to night just using eye-liner. It is hot, so I would recommend to use only BB cream and maybe powder, but leave that rich primer home. Red lips... are cool, but leave them for evening babe, because they ask for perfect face  ( if you have time, sure, but I am always late, so no, I can't spend two hours inf front of mirror). About hairstyle? My best friend is hair donut and braids. And let's not forget about ribbons (remember Jane from P&P? She was a smart girl - always carried a bunch of ribbons with herself). Ribbons makes you look fetching and they look beautiful in wind.

Maybe you are looking for different look? Something more chic? Using your bike to get to a fancy evening party? No problem! Here is something smart for riding around. (i would recommend really small shorts under this dress while you ride your bike, and then you must find a place where to take them of, because silk dress is incredible transparent!)

Pastels all over the place

Never take too much accessories! They just mess around with your mind and it might be even dangerous if you try to fix them standing in traffic jam (been there, done that). For evening choose more make-up and never forget about your nails. Perfect outfit might be ruined by ugly nail art.

So, these are my two outfits - one is more playful, and I really love how fast I can get out looking like that, second one takes more time and it is more serious, but babe, it is worth it.

Do you prefer shorts or skirts when you go out? And what do you think about bicycle + high-heels? Tell me, please.

Have a good day,


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