Monday, 11 March 2013

Paris Fashion Week: Valentino details [eng]

Why we loved Valention? How can you possibly not love everything made by Maria Grazia Chiuri and
Pierpaolo Piccioli? Well, but if I must be honest, those were the details this year,which made me love new F13 collection. Use of lace  made collection not as romantic as it could turn out, but strong and flawless. My personal favorites were white lace and pearls collarette, like here:
The same white lace with pearls goes not only for collarates, but on the other sides of simple-shaped dresses. Fake pockets makes me remember old-fashioned school uniforms or french housekeeper uniform, just way more expensive. that dress is not for a housekeeper, that dress is made for confident, rich, cool women, who loves elegance rather than one season style.

Well, but Valentino never goes one road. Yes, they love minimalism (and i love it too), but Valentino knows, that every women secretly wants to be a princess. No, it does not mean, that modern women will wear a dress similar to Disney Cinderella, but it means warm colors, lace, skirts. Lace is what Valentino is really about this year, and, if you think, that lace is old and boring, then stop and think about it again. Brand has found new way how to make lace interesting, and i am buying it, for sure.

What else should be highlighted? Bags, of course, bags. Two way bags, I would love to call it. Half fur, half leather and comfortable handle. The position of it in the very first moment seemed to strange, but now I see it  just genius, and I actually would like to transform some of my old bags in a new way, but later about that.

Well, but Valentino knows what women need, and in this collection we can see not only small-walk-around-town kind of bags, but huge and classy bags where all my life would fit in. Bags are the same as dresses - simple shaped but beautiful in details. Bags share the same ornament as blouses, same huge English lace type, only without pearls. To decorate bags Valentino use texture not colors, which is the perfect solution, because these elegant, fancy bags are good for every costume, what you would like to wear.

All in all, this collection resembles strong personality who still believe in fairytale, but want to see things clearly. We can find lace, leather, fur, flowers, clear lines and amazing colors - everything you would like to see in your own wardrobe.

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